Community Acupuncture

This is a return to acupuncture practiced in a group setting, as is common in East Asia. In an effort to make acupuncture more accessible, Awakenings Health offers community acupuncture on Sundays and Mondays with Dr. Michael Dunbar. One of the main agendas of community acupuncture is to increase accessibility to acupuncture and eliminate the barrier of cost by sharing space. This low-cost form of acupuncture is great when you don’t have time for a private appointment, you need to treat something less complex than many chronic conditions, or you need to be seen more frequently than your budget will allow for private sessions. This is an excellent way to supplement your current treatment schedule.

In community acupuncture, you remain clothed and needles can be placed on the head, arms below the elbows and/or legs below the knees. The needles remain in while you lay back in a zero-gravity chair and relax for about 30 minutes. Street clothes are fine, but clothing that allows for easy access to arms (elbows to hands), legs (full knee to feet) and head (down to shoulders) works best.

But if you’re looking to supplement your existing acupuncture schedule or are on a tight budget, community acupuncture is a great resource for you.

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