A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) is trained to treat illness and establish optimal health by supporting a person’s inherent self-healing process.  Rather than suppressing symptoms, naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness, and develop personalized treatment plans to address them.

For a Naturopathic doctor everything starts with re-establishing the basis for health including lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and sleep, as well as managing stress, as these basics can make a huge difference in one’s health and sometimes prevent/reverse illness all on their own.

Naturopathic doctors are trained extensively in nutrition and dietary modification, botanical medicine, orthomolecular therapy (use of substances that occur naturally in the body such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals), massage therapy and other physical modalities, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy (a simple method of using contrasting hot/cold water to stimulate circulation and immune cells in the body).