The Awakenings Health United (AHU) component of the integrative program has been developed to work hand in hand with Athlete Evolution’s (AE) comprehensive approach to your physical goals. We utilize Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Yoga, Massage, and Nutrition to work directly on the goals set forth by you and Dr. Thomas. Rooted in Eastern Medical philosophies, the AHU Wellness program focuses on all aspects of your health. Our diagnostic approach not only offers you a new set of eyes for viewing your body’s physical condition, but will ensure that your thoughts, emotions, and overall sense of peace are all leading you towards achieving your goals.


AHU offers two different evaluations: A comprehensive Chinese Medical assessment and a traditional 8-Arm Yogic assessment.

Choosing one or both of these assessments will guarantee your goals will be addressed from a wholistic perspective that can assess your condition physiologically, as well as on each aspect of your life that may not be living up to its potential. Using objective and subjective findings, a program will be tailored for you, fully integrated with all aspects of your care through AE.