Emotional Health

Attaining emotional balance is a significant key for achieving our goals. Whether we are focused on maximizing our physical ability, developing deep, loving relationships, or achieving professional success, our emotional state will serve as the backdrop to our life. It will either allow full focus on our goals, or distract and drain us.


AH’s program utilizes Eastern Philosophies to help you navigate through your emotional storms and repeating unhealthy patterns. Calling upon Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Yoga Therapy, and Personal Development Coaching, we help correct internal imbalances while providing structured tools helping you remain cool, calm, and collected in the face of stress and overwhelming circumstances.


It is our belief that all emotions are beneficial indicators, notifying us of our relationship to people and everything we encounter. If we learn to accept every emotion as an authentic response to our own beliefs and inner dialogue, we can become empowered to take control of life and all it brings our way, without being afraid of it.


Please contact us at: info@awakeningshealth.com or (919) 909-7819 to see how AH can help you attain better emotional stability and get you back on the fast track to achieving your goals and greatest potential.