MORE THAN SKIN DEEP SOLUTIONS “Adam’s treatment have dramatically reduced my issues with pain, spasms and controlling my body temperature. His guidance in the connection between mind and body have been instrumental in developing much improved mental health. The combination of the two have created a quality of life I’d thought I couldn’t feel again.”

Joseph Remple

MEDICAL MASSAGE “Mary has been treating me over the past 19 months and has provided more than medical massage. She has worked my body and spirit through a rough period of my life by targeted acupuncture and intuitive hands on massage therapy and herbal advice. Her knowledge of the body combined with a caring and compassionate spirit has addressed multiple issues that have arisen over the course of treatment. She has encouraged and promoted my healing by noticing all positive changes physically and emotionally. Her treatment room provides a safe space to discuss any life stressors that affect each dimension of the individual.  She doesn’t just treat symptoms but will work with you to address root causes of blockages. Time spent with Mary offers an oasis from the chaos and discord of daily life.”

Moe Jones

RECOVERY TIME CUT IN HALF “Adam’s treatment’s have cut down the amount of time I would otherwise have needed for my back and shoulder problems. His work has also relieved my food allergies and digestive problems. His treatment was also remarkably effective in relieving my symptoms of minor depression without the requirement of any drugs to do so.”

Dan Matin

YOGA HAS IMPROVED MY HEALTH “In the last 20+ years, I have enjoyed many classes and retreats with some gifted teachers who are tuned into the truth, beauty and compassion that lies behind the asanas/poses of yoga. Three teachers stand out as masters of the art and science of yoga and Laura Gries is one of them. Each class is specially crafted to teach the heart and message behind the movements of the body. Since working with Laura, my health has expanded exponentially–the health of my body and soul. She has actually taught me how to breathe again and her instruction is helping my spirit in some very meaningful ways! Her warmth and engaging spirit are a bonus!”

Deana Vassar

MY CROHN’S DISEASE IS IN REMISSION “I started to see Mary for Crohn’s disease and some anxiety.  She is absolutely incredible! Her expertise in anatomy & physiology is stellar.  Mary takes the time to listen, which is so rare in today’s healthcare arena – you truly feel like you are the most important patient she has – so attentive and understanding on what you are going through!  I received emotional as well as physical support.  I am amazed how precise Mary pinpoints ailments in my body by reading several different pulse points, and then adjusts treatment accordingly.  My Crohn’s is in remission without drugs, and my anxiety has improved dramatically.  Did I mention how incredible she is!!?  Another talent – MASSAGE!!!  Mary’s massage technique is OUTSTANDING!  She applies the “right” amount of pressure and is simply the best I’ve ever experienced.  When searching for a practitioner who is compassionate, takes the time to care about you, and is the TOP in her profession – I cannot recommend Mary highly enough!”

Mark Lutynsky 

NO MORE BACK PAIN! “Although I never thought I’d use acupuncture, I had debilitating back pain and was told I needed back surgery. The numerous drugs I was taking didn’t work and the pain was getting worse. Even physcial therapy was no help. I felt hopeless. Acupuncture was was my only hope. Six weeks after starting my back pain was gone and I was back at work.”

Donald Paulson

I FOUND THE ANSWERS AND SOMEONE WHO REALLY CARED “After my injury, I felt like everyone had given up on me or they had no answers. Adam does what no other therapy can do because the needles are so precise in where and what they do. I have never experienced anyone who cared so much about me. I felt like I was in such good hands and that they would do whatever it took to help.”

Lloyd McLeod

PREGNANT WITHIN MONTHS “After a miscarriage my husband and I didn’t know where to turn. Prior to seeing him, we had tried every trick in the book for almost two years including treatments for fertility. We heard from a friend about Adam and I knew that this was the right decision the minute I met him. I appreciated his kind words, gentle and positive manner. Adam taught me how acupuncture supports the body to heal itself in a natural way and I quickly discovered I was pregnant. We’ve now had a baby boy and we are so grateful to Adam.”

Mark and Christie Lester

NO MORE PAIN IN MY LEGS “I wanted to write you to tell you that I am MUCH better. I slept thru the night for the first time in a month…No leg pains! Thank you so much Adam.”

Leon Daniels

OFF MEDICATION AND NO MORE HEADACHES “When I first began with Adam I had absolutely no energy, restless legs, headaches, and a whole list of other symptoms. A few months working with Adam and I feel fantastic! My headaches are gone. I have no more restless legs and I was able to completely get off my medication. Best of all, Adam has worked with me to change my mental approach to my health and helped me become emotionally more stable. I feel I have healed from the inside out.”

Shawn Wilson

If you have additional questions, please contact us at (919) 935-9832, or email at: info@awakeningshealth.com.