Awakenings Health provides complete performance stimulating, and rehabilitative care through an East meets West philosophy.

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient and effective healing arts in the world. For several thousand years acupuncture has been used to treat a wide variety of symptoms, conditions, injuries, and diseases. To this day, it remains one of the most continuously practiced medical techniques in all of human history.

Although Acupuncture has been utilized as a complete form of medicine for thousands of years, Dr. Gries has built our acupuncture program to be integrated into all other aspects of your current healthcare regimen. Our practitioners are able to discuss your condition with any of your other health care providers to form a team approach aimed at maximizing your health.

Awakenings has adopted a well-rounded approach to providing acupuncture for our patients. We always makes sure to address the health of your body, mind, and emotional state:

For orthopedic issues or athletic enhancement, we focus on a direct physical therapy style approach aimed at targeting specific muscle groups for all orthopedic disorders and optimizing and balancing your body mechanics.

For internal imbalances (manifesting as high blood pressure, digestive issues, sinus problems, allergies, sleep problems, stress, OBGYN or fertility issues, etc.) our providers diagnose and treat the function of all your organ systems to treat the cause of your problems.

When life seems overwhelming and it is hard to get your thoughts wrapped around your problems and emotions under control, we also utilize acupuncture and cognitive tools to help you regain balance and guide you through challenging times.


This is a return to acupuncture practiced in a group setting, as is common in East Asia. In an effort to make acupuncture more accessible, Awakenings Health offers community acupuncture on Sundays from 12:30pm – 3:30pm, Wednesdays from 2pm – 6:30pm, and Thursdays from 9:30am – 12pm. One of the main agendas of community acupuncture is to increase accessibility to acupuncture and eliminate the barrier of cost by sharing space. This low-cost form of acupuncture is great when you don’t have time for a private appointment, you need to treat something less complex than many chronic conditions, or you need to be seen more frequently than your budget will allow for private sessions. This is an excellent way to supplement your current treatment schedule.

In community acupuncture, you remain clothed and needles can be placed on the head, arms below the elbows and/or legs below the knees. The needles remain in while you lay back in a zero-gravity chair and relax for about 30 minutes. Street clothes are fine, but clothing that allows for easy access to arms (elbows to hands), legs (full knee to feet) and head (down to shoulders) works best.

But if you’re looking to supplement your existing acupuncture schedule or are on a tight budget, community acupuncture is a great resource for you. As with any of our services, an appointment is required.

So which is right for you?

Private acupuncture vs. Community acupuncture

Private acupuncture:

  • Private room for just you and your practitioner, which can be an advantage when emotion needs to be released
  • Patient is on a massage table for the treatment that lasts an hour to an hour and a half
  • Patient removes most of their clothing and is draped with towels
  • More acupuncture points can be accessed, including the abdomen, back, upper arms, and thighs
  • Appointments involve more discussion of medical history and symptoms, as well as emotional contributors to physical symptoms
  • More treatment modalities can be used, such as cupping, moxibustion, reiki, massage, and traditional Chinese herbs
  • Treatment costs between $110-$195 per session

Community acupuncture:

  • Group room has multiple patients being treated at the same time, which can foster a community spirit, and friends and family can be treated together
  • Patient is in a zero gravity chair for the treatment which lasts 30 to 45 minutes
  • Patient remains fully clothed, though sleeves and pant legs will be rolled up to the elbow and/or knee
  • Acupuncture points are accessed in the head, lower arms, and lower legs
  • Treatment costs $40-$50 per session


Our massage therapists incorporate a variety of techniques, which include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and mobilization techniques, sports massage, and stretching into their treatments.

Why Massage?
Massage Therapy can be a relaxing and stress relieving experience, or in terms of Medical Massage, it can be focused directly with the intent of improving conditions that have been diagnosed by a physician.

What can Massage Treat?
Massage can facilitate pain relief and aid in faster recovery from injuries – whether they are soft tissue, sports related, post-surgical or the result of an accident. In terms of rehabilitation, massage can help normalize tissue function and restore normal movement patterns and serve to increase range of motion and flexibility. Massage can calm the nervous system, reduce stress, promote circulation, aid digestion and bring about an awareness of posture.

Massage can treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions, which include a range of disease, disorders, aches and complaints. Musculoskeletal Conditions or Disorders, also known as MSDs, are injuries and disorders that affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system (i.e. muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, discs, blood vessels, etc.).

Common conditions include, but are not limited to the following: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Epicondylitis (Tennis of Golfers Elbow), Muscle / Tendon Strain, Rotator Cuff Tendonitis, Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder), Acute Torticollis (Wry Neck), Epicondylitis, Trigger Finger/Thumb, Degenerative Disc Diseases, Thoracic Outlet Compression, Tension Neck Syndromes.

Massage also plays a role as a preventative measure, particularly in terms of reducing the occurrence of conditions (such a tension headaches or migraines that have a musculoskeletal origin), ensuring soft tissues do not contribute to nerve compression and impingement, and in reducing or alleviating chronic pain.

What to Expect?
The first treatment will involve a short interview to discuss your medical history, concerns and any current pain. All treatments are unique and aim to address and focus on treating the presenting condition and any contributing factors.

Your provider will also discuss any potential contributing factors, some of which may include repetitive motion, static postural factors, unhealthy habits, limited rest and recovery, poor fitness levels and a history of previous injury.


Chinese herbal medicine is a comprehensive form of medicine that can
effectively address a wide variety of conditions.

It may be used to treat absolutely anybody – people of all ages, people of any condition, illness, or injury.

Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture. Used safely and medically for thousands of years, Chinese herbs should have no side effects when correctly prescribed by a trained herbalist. They are usually combined in classical formulas and customized as appropriate for each patient’s respective diagnosis and physical conditions.



A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) is trained to treat illness and establish optimal health by supporting a person’s inherent self-healing process.  Rather than suppressing symptoms, naturopathic doctors work to identify underlying causes of illness, and develop personalized treatment plans to address them.

For a Naturopathic doctor everything starts with re-establishing the basis for health including lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and sleep, as well as managing stress, as these basics can make a huge difference in one’s health and sometimes prevent/reverse illness all on their own.

Naturopathic doctors are trained extensively in nutrition and dietary modification, botanical medicine, orthomolecular therapy (use of substances that occur naturally in the body such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals), massage therapy and other physical modalities, homeopathy, and hydrotherapy (a simple method of using contrasting hot/cold water to stimulate circulation and immune cells in the body).


The gifts of Yoga are numerous and varied.  Although yoga’s broader teachings
touch on all aspects of life, it is asana practice that has made it immensely popular
around the globe.  Asana practice challenges the body and focuses the mind,
while it’s philosophical principles encourage spiritual growth.


Benefits of Yoga:

A Stronger, More flexible, More Youthful Feeling Body
A Happier And More Peaceful Out-look On Life
Reduced Pain
Sounder Sleeping
Reduced Stress
Stronger Bones
Better Digestion
Healthier Heart And Blood Vessels
Greater Patience
Increased Fertility And Virility
Improved Mental Functioning
Brings more oxygen to your blood and brain
Improves muscle tone and strength
Improves balance
Improves posture
Lowers blood pressure
Positively affects depression
Back pain
Positive affect on learning and memory
Slows aging process
Increases self-awareness
Heightens spirituali


Yoga mOM

Yoga For Mamas of ALL Stages

Yoga mOM gives a mama 45 minutes of her own time and  space to clear her head.Yoga mOM allows mamas to take care of their bodies while creating a special bond with other moms free of guilt. The class consists of a full Hatha yoga and meditation practice for MOMS ONLY to allow a community to build and grow.


9:45 – 10:30am Yoga mOM


7 – 7:45pm Yoga mOM

8 – 8:45pm Yoga mOM

All Levels

Experience a warm, safe space to discover, explore, and transform into your truest self through yoga and meditation.

This asana practice takes you on a journey of transformation. By paralleling the obstacles and challenges on the mat to every day life, you learn to breath through your life with no judgment and release your hidden potential within.


10:45-11:45am ALL Levels