Family Wellness Programs For Any Age

0-12 years old:

The first 12 years of life bring with it many challenges. But above all else, it is a time for our children to thrive. This is the most fragile period for growth. Our children’s level of health and wellness during this phase sets the stage for the rest of life. Childhood issues ranging from recurring colds/infections, failure to thrive, Respiratory disorders, Digestive issues, ADD, emotional problems, etc. can all hinder the growth curve of our children. We have developed a tiered program, which is tailored to each child depending on his/her goals and current state of health. Our program ranges from restoring health to elite performance enhancement.

Common goals are to

    • Improve general wellbeing and vitality
    • Improve hand/eye coordination
    • Prepare for sports specific seasons
    • Strengthen congenital weaknesses
    • Balance emotional disturbances
    • Improve Allergies, Asthma, Digestive issues, Sleep problems


13-25 years old:

The adolescent years are defined by rapid growth and volatility. Steady, directed involvement in physical enhancement, and internal stabilization sets the foundation for a rapidly growing body. We utilize all facets of our program to keep adolescents on track, thus allowing for maximum engagement and progress in all areas of development.

Common goals are to:

    • Enhance performance for athletics and cognitive focus
    • Build confidence
    • Balance hormones and emotions. Reestablish healthy cycles (sleeping, eating, exercise, menstrual)
    • Improve general health and wellbeing
    • Reduce stress
    • Lose weight/get in shape


26-35 years old:

This period is a major shaping period for life. We have a lot of energy to use, but are still figuring out how to direct it most effectively. There are pressures to establish ourselves within society and yet we still maintain a large drive to play and be active. Some people have dropped off on maintaining their health and are in need of getting back on track. Others are determined to maintain the high level of health and activity they have enjoyed up until now. No matter where you are on the spectrum, our center has the ability to both help you regain your optimal health and body and push you to new heights of inner and outer wellbeing and athletic dominance.

Common goals are to:

  • Maintain and improve athletic performance to sustain continued involvement with sports
  • Improve focus and drive
  • Tend to specific health conditions that have started to creep up
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase flexibility
  • Reestablish health and wellness in all aspects of life


36-50 years old:

This period is a major crossroads for health. We still identify with our younger, more vibrant self, yet we have started to notice that our body does not respond the way it used to. We are starting to see one or more bodily systems begin to falter as symptoms within sleep, digestion, skin, energy levels, aches and pains, reproductive, emotional areas, etc. start to manifest. It is imperative to get back on track with overall health and make a push to reestablish a high level of vitality and physical fitness in order to create positive momentum as we near the halfway point of life. It will get harder and harder to create positive change as we age past this point.

Common goals are to:

  • Maintain and improve physical fitness
  • Reestablish a healthy body- both internally and externally
  • Rebound from deteriorating health conditions
  • Recover from injuries to reestablish an active lifestyle and/or athletic involvement
  • Train for races, and ongoing athletic events
  • Maintain and improve flexibility
  • Lose weight


51-75 years old:

In this stage of life, we are well aware of waning vitality and health issues that seem to have come out of nowhere. We are watching our parents’ generation deal with advanced health issues and many of us are already on a daily regiment of pharmaceutical drugs. At this point, it is essential to give our body every chance possible to not just slow down the aging process, but start gaining momentum to promote optimal function of all our body’s systems (circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, lymph, organ, etc.).

Common goals are to:

  • Improve physical fitness
  • Increase/maintain bone density
  • Improve circulation
  • Stay active in sports and exercising
  • Heal bodily dysfunction (internal and external)
  • Reduce/eliminate aches/pains
  • Reduce/eliminate use of medications
  • Maintain health/anti-aging


76-100 years old:

In this stage of life, we have hopefully accomplished our goals and it is time to enjoy the golden years. If we have our health, we can fully enjoy all the fruits of our labor. We want to stay out of doctors’ offices and have enough energy to do everything we enjoy in life. It’s all about achieving the highest quality of life. Our program will set up a health regiment for you to ensure your vitality remains at optimal levels while minimizing the effects of aging.

Common goals are to:

  • Improve health and vitality
  • Maintain/improve physical fitness
  • Promote proper functioning of bodily systems (circulatory, nervous, musculoskeletal, lymph, organ, etc.)
  • Stay active in sports and exercising
  • Reduce/eliminate use of medications
  • Reduce/eliminate aches/pains
  • Heal bodily dysfunction (internal and external)
  • Increase bone density