Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Whether you are an elite athlete injured in the throws of competition,  or someone who just made a wrong move while getting out of bed, physical injuries plague us all.


Whether your goals are simply to recover from your injury to resume your normal daily activities, or return to high performance competition, our Orthopedic rehabilitation program has been designed to optimize your recovery and work with every facet of your recovery team: from Orthopedist to Physical Therapist, strength and conditioning coaches, and any other healthcare provider you are working with. We all deserve a comprehensive and integrated approach to our healthcare needs. We are specialists in our field, but makes sure to be able to seamlessly integrate our therapies with the full spectrum of available healthcare options so that you can always count on having a team approach finding the best path for your rehabilitation.


We have worked for more than a decade creating rehabilitation protocols that can be used alone or in conjunction with other modalities, such as Stem Cell therapy, Platelet-rich plasma therapy, and other cutting edge advancements in the medical field aimed to facilitate faster, more complete and effective healing.


Utilizing multiple therapies to rehabilitate is more than just stockpiling different approaches. Every step of your care should be a consciously designed program that knows when to utilize each facet. It is important to sequence therapies so as to maximize a synergistic effect between them.


AH was primarily designed to help people recovering from the most severe traumas regain their health and thrive. It was essential to create a program to maximize function and healing for such severe cases. However, we all deserve the opportunity to fulfill our potential. Often times, it takes a multi-faceted approach in order to help a body overcome obstacles and achieve its full functional ability. We have over 25 years of combined experience in personally tailoring rehabilitation protocols aimed to maximize physical recovery and performance optimization.