I turned 40 this year. It was kind of like the Y2K New Year’s Eve in 1999: A much anticipated lead-up, resulting in an anti-climactic turning-of-the-page.

But there has been one major change; It seems I have entered the Prostate club. I have encountered numerous men in their 40’s dealing with precursors of prostate issues. In the research article below, you will see that by the time men reach 50, 40% of them will be experiencing symptoms of an enlarged prostate. However, this pattern usually begins well before then, and Chinese medicine often picks up signs of diminished urogenital function in men starting in their 40’s – especially in men leading a stressful life. If you are beginning to experience any of the symptoms below, it would be a good idea to have your prostate checked out by your PCP or specialist –  And know that Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are a safe, non-invasive, and extremely effective means to restore prostate/urogenital health.


Common signs of an enlarged prostate are:

A weak or slow urinary stream
A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
Difficulty starting urination
Frequent urination
Urgency to urinate
Getting up frequently at night to urinate
A urinary stream that starts and stops
Straining to urinate
Continued dribbling of urine
Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing


Below is an Acupuncture research update covering Prostate health (and Ovarian health).
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