The miracle of exercise…

We know that regular physical activity lifts the spirits, helps with inflammation and lowers cardiovascular risks, but according to the latest research exercise reduces the risk of seven different types of cancer.

In the latest study, the Journal of Clinical Oncology sought to look at how exercise affects the immune system, specifically as related to different types of cancer.

They found after a 10-year look at those who regularly engage in physical leisure activity that meeting or exceeding the recommended regimen for exercise (a minimum of 2.5 hrs. weekly) was connected to a reduced risk of seven types of cancers.

Among both men and women, the risk of kidney cancer was reduced by up to 17 percent, liver cancer by up to 27 percent and myeloma by up to 19 percent.

“Among men, increased exercise was linked to up to a 14 percent reduced risk for colon cancer. Among women, more physical activity was associated with up to a 10 percent lower risk for breast cancer and up to an 18 percent lower risk of both endometrial cancer non-Hodgkin lymphoma.”