Vitamin C and Your Gut

“Low vitamin C levels appear to impair the gut-liver axis’ role in vitamin E transfer and bioavailability that is crucial in maintaining antioxidant protection and preventing inflammation in metabolic syndrome (MetS) patients.

The review suggests that improving vitamin C status may help alleviate endotoxemia – the presence of endotoxins in the blood – and its consequent pro-inflammatory responses which are thought to trigger insulin resistance and related metabolic disorders.

The author of the article below reiterates the importance of consuming 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to promote gut health and to ensure adequate fibre and vitamin C.” 

Gut-liver axis transfer of vitamin E appears compromised by low vitamin C levels, review finds

Writing in the journal Redox Biology, ​the team ‘s ​findings likely help to explain why these patients, who have low vitamin C levels, are at high-risk for liver dysfunction and liver injury seen in Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).