Canada’s Revised Food Guide

Canada’s long-anticipated revised food guide was released on Tuesday morning. It has sparked much controversy by removing food industry influence and particular food groups, mainly those pertaining to the dairy, cattle and sugar industries. The new food guide suggests: ~ Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits~ Choosing whole grains~ Eating “protein foods” where plant-based proteins, like legumes, beans, and

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Vitamin C and Your Gut

“Low vitamin C levels appear to impair the gut-liver axis’ role in vitamin E transfer and bioavailability that is crucial in maintaining antioxidant protection and preventing inflammation in metabolic syndrome (MetS) patients. The review suggests that improving vitamin C status may help alleviate endotoxemia – the presence of endotoxins in the blood – and its consequent pro-inflammatory responses which are

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TMAO and Its Link To Diet

The food that you choose to consume is entirely a personal preference. For the most part, I don’t promote a strict paleo, keto, mediterranean, low fat, low fodmap, high carb, low carb, plant based, fruitarian, raw, vegetarian, vegan etc way of eating (WOE). I will rarely suggest that a patient follows a special WOE unless it is absolutely necessary. Under

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