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Canada’s Revised Food Guide

Canada’s long-anticipated revised food guide was released on Tuesday morning. It has sparked much controversy by removing food industry influence and particular food groups, mainly those pertaining to the dairy, cattle and sugar industries. 

The new food guide suggests:

~ Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits
~ Choosing whole grains
~ Eating “protein foods” where plant-based proteins, like legumes, beans, and tofu are recommended over animal sources, such as dairy, eggs, meat and fish
~ Making water your beverage of choice
~ Avoiding processed foods and beverages that are high in sodium, sugar and saturated fat
~ Cooking more often and eating meals with others
~ Being mindful of eating habits while still enjoying your food. It focuses less on serving sizes and more on how to eat.

Some of the new considerations also include: 

~ Environmental sustainability
~ Cultural diversity
~ Food skills and knowledge

In a world where what to eat and how to eat continues to be incredibly confusing, many of the above changes do make sense. l will always encourage a vegetable laden diet plus whatever works for you (whether that includes plant based protein, red meat, fish, poultry or dairy) and what makes you, as an individual, thrive and feel nourished.

It will be interesting to see if we see any changes in food recommendations in United States, particularly given that the current food pyramid was published over 14 years ago.

Canada’s new food guide emphasizes eating plants, drinking water and cooking at home

Canada’s long-anticipated revised food guide was released Tuesday morning, and it has some big changes from previous guidance on healthy eating. As hinted at in public consultations and draft documents, the new guide does away with the four food groups and advice on the number of servings to eat each day – something even Health Canada says people found confusing in the last food guide.

New Canada food guide calls for plant-based diet, pushes salt and saturated fat to the side

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